Data Foundations Simplifies Software

Amazing...I haven’t seen any other system like it.” Kevin Flowers, Developer

Data Foundations Simplifies:

        Writing new software or rewriting legacy software

        Linking existing software

        Making the transition to Web Service Architecture

Simplifies Writing SoftwareProductDevelopment_Normal

Data Foundations streamlines writing software that connects to databases – saving time and effort. It reduces the work needed to write new software or rewrite legacy software. Data Foundations even makes it easier to write Web Apps that connect to databases.

Simplifies Integrating Existing Software

Data Foundations also simplifies using existing software by reducing the frustration that many businesses have about Data Silos. Many firms have installed software packages over the years that just do not talk to each other. With its abilities to connect databases, Data Foundations can pull information from incompatible databases and present it in usable form on your screen. Data Foundations allows the creation of real-time Dashboards from various data sources reducing data silos. It also allows secure connections across companies to connect supply chains with real-time data.

What you can do with Data Foundations

  • Write new software faster
  • Rewrite legacy software with less work
  • Extract data from legacy databases to correct data and load to new software
  • Write several mobile apps while writing only one data connection
  • Eliminate Data Silos by connecting formerly incompatible databases and display in a Dashboard
  • Link supply chains across multiple companies with real-time secure connections

Benefits of Data Foundations

  • Simplified database connections
  • Unified view of data and information for an entire organization
  • ERP reporting functionality with current software and databases, without disruption
  • Real-time reporting from multiple incompatible databases without using a data warehouse
  • Keeps existing business processes
  • Low transition costs and low training requirements
  • Incremental implementation, scalable
  • Conversion of legacy software to service base architecture
  • Database interaction for the development of iPhone, Android, Blackberry apps
  • Creation and control of customer and vendor data portals, integrating the supply chain

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