Rewrite Legacy Software

The easiest way to re-write legacy software is also the state of the art way to re-write it. That way is to convert it to a service based web application. We help IT departments re-write legacy or other software using web service architecture and do it more easily and inexpensively using Data Foundations.

Rebuilding legacy or other software can be a headache: Converting using a web service application reduces those concerns.

You can transform your existing software with a new clean web style user interface.RangerDataNew2 Then connect that interface the to a new service based web application which uses Data Foundations to interface with your existing database. It can even bring several databases under the umbrella of a new client user interface.

Data Foundations even allows rewriting parts of a program, deploying phases incrementally while still using parts of the legacy software.

When complete you no longer need to burn software to disk and distribute it to every computer. Updates can be done simply and uploaded to the server. When the server is updated, everyone is up to date.

Data Migration

If you have already written new software and need to migrate your data from one or a variety of databases, Data Foundations can help. Data Foundations excels at connecting to databases and extracting data. This data can then be consolidated and reviewed. These reviews, such as data profiling, data quality assessment, data validation, integration and remediation can be achieved while the interim database is still connected to the original databases and is being updated. When the data is ready it can be loaded to the new system.