Rapid Development

“It does so much of the underlying fundamental work that you would normally be recoding every time. It just does it.” – Paul Wingar, Manager Global Customer Metrics, Visteon Corp, Michigan

We specialize in working with IT departments to speed development.

The Database Connection

Data Foundations connects to databases more simply and easily, automating tedious and repetitive programming. This speeds the writing of software that uses a database. By automating repetitive tasks it reduces errors. It is well adapted for web service architecture.

Data Foundations middleware can work with a wide variety of databases. Contact Conceive-IT to find out how it could make your development easier. We will analyze your situation and advise you whether Data Foundations can work for you. If it can, we will work with your IT department to show them how Data Foundations can help achieve their goals. We install Data Foundations, train developers on the system and help during implementation. We can also design and develop a solution for you.

Here is what some clients who have used Data Foundations have to say:

“I would use Data Foundations on any project I had the opportunity to use it for. Again looking at the amount of work that was saved by having something that handles some of that middle ground for us is pretty amazing. I would say anybody that has an application that interfaces with a database can save a lot of time and effort if they use data foundations. I haven’t seen any other systems like it.” – Kevin Flowers, Developer, Ranger Data, Michigan

“I definitely would use it on other projects again. You would want to use it on as many projects as you possibly can because the savings are huge. It doesn’t matter what size project you’re doing whether it be a small project or large project… Data Foundations provides you a faster mechanism to do what you would normally do and what you end up doing is adding more features. These are new features that you would normally put off until the second or third iteration of the project but we were able to do them in the first iteration, because we didn’t have to do all the underlying stuff that Data Foundations provides.” – Paul Wingar, Manager Global Customer Metrics, Visteon Corp, Michigan

Rapid Development is possible with the Data Foundations Enterprise License.