“I’d strongly recommend Conceive to both small and large groups. All the solutions we’ve developed with them have all turned out to be really robust solutions. It’s not haphazard or partially complete. They’ve always been robust and stand-alone and required very small amounts of maintenance.”  – Paul Wingar, Manager Global Customer Metrics, Visteon Corp. Michigan

Have an idea? Want to turn it into reality?

Let us help. At Conceive IT, our developers can take your software ideas and help you turn them into reality by designing and developing software. We can also help your IT department develop faster and easier with a Data Foundations Developer License. We are also available when all you need is some additional help.

Data Foundations

Many of our projects use our suite of tools called Data Foundations. Data Foundations makes connecting to databases easier, speeds development and lowers costs. It allows writing new software, legacy software or new Web Apps with less effort. This technology also helps connect previously incompatible databases, allowing them to talk to each other in real-time. This opens up new possibilities to breakdown data silos. Data Foundations eases the transition to Web Service Technology where programs are available on the Web from anywhere in the world.

If you need one our custom solutions, we can help with some of our Data Integration Products, including dashboards that pull data from all your databases in real-time, software that creates your own Website for requesting quotes and proposals, and designs that can link companies in a supply chain as one.

Data Foundations is at the core of what we do and is available for your IT department with a developer’s license.

Save time and effort programming any project that connects to a data base with a product our clients call “amazing.” Data Foundations makes rapid development a reality for conventional programs or for service based architecture. Write new software, rewrite legacy software or create web apps in less time.

Design and Development

Development of any software project can be very costly; Conceive IT can help you find the best way to achieve your business goals and still stay within your project budget. Our customers confirm we take the time to understand the clients’ goals and what they are really trying to achieve. As a result, we design your solution with growth in mind. If you need an experienced developer to help complete your project or a team that can build a system from the ground up, Conceive-IT has a skilled group of professionals who can help you build your system.

Consulting Services

Sometimes you just need a specialist for a short time to help with a particular problem. Other times you just need to get some work done and do not have time to bring new people up to speed on the application. You just need someone who can step in and get to work. People like that are hard to find, but we have them.

Data Integration Solutions

Data Foundations Dashboards

See important information, trends, and essential business ratios in real time with the Data Foundations Dashboard. Compare metrics across databases and view them graphically. Adopting a large enterprise resource planning package can be prohibitively costly and disruptive. If what you need is better real-time data and elimination of data silos, Conceive-IT offers and a non-disruptive, affordable way to achieve your goal.

Supply Chain Integration

Allow customers or suppliers to securely view selected real time data such as shipping details or inventory levels. Share information your vendors need to sell your products.  Move product information from your database to the vendor’s website automatically, keeping vendor’s marketing information accurate and up-to-date.

Private RFP – Customized Business Sites for Requesting Quotes, RFPs and Tenders

Do you have suppliers who regularly bid on your business? Would you like to have a private, secure site for posting your Requests for Proposals? Use the Conceive-IT Private RFP site. Set up for just your business, only suppliers that you want to see your requests can see them and respond. Our Private RFP sites include a system for sending out the RFP, a showcase for technical drawings and a forum to discuss each individual proposal privately with an individual supplier. It’s easy and affordable.