Data Foundations Solutions

Conceive-IT will develop a range of solutions using Data Foundations.

Rapid Development

Write new software faster and more accurately Data Foundations connects to databases more simply, easily and securely. It automates repetitive and tedious programming which speeds the writing of software that uses a database. more

Rewrite Legacy Software

The easiest way to re-write legacy software is also the state of the art way to re-write it. That way is to convert it to a service based web application.

Mobile Apps

Write new PC, iPhone, Android or Blackberry apps that connect to databases in a fraction of the time.

Enterprise License

Have Conceive-IT assess your needs, set up your IT department to use Data Foundations, train your developers and guide them if necessary. For this solution we offer the Data Foundations Enterprise License.
We can also work with your IT Department and consult on solutions.

Data Foundations Dashboards

Reduce Data Silos by integrating information from across your business on your screen. We can help create Dashboards that link information from all your databases in real-time. Enterprise Information Integration is available for most businesses for reporting. more

Supply Chain Integration

Link separate business and securely share relevant data in real-time about the products or services you deliver.

Private RFP

Need a simple system to request quotes, Requests for Proposals or Tenders?

Tailored Solutions

Not all solutions are going to fit your company. Sometimes you are going to need a tailored program. Each can company have its own needs and priorities. Conceive-IT can develop a solution for you using Data Foundations.
Our tailored solutions can be entirely new projects or modifications of our existing templates.