Data Foundations Enterprise License

Data Foundations Enterprise License gives your IT department Data Foundations to speed development.

Using Data Foundations within your company:

Have Conceive-IT assess your needs, set up your IT department to use Data Foundations, train your developers and guide them if necessary. For this solution we offer the Data Foundations Enterprise License. We also consult with your IT department on solutions using Data Foundations.

Data Foundations by simplifying database connections and programming opens up a wide range of opportunities.

  • Re-write legacy or other software more easily and less expensively
  • Write new PC, iPhone, Android or Blackberry apps that connect to databases with far less work

Data Foundations is middleware that makes it easier for software developers to perform communication and input/output, so they can focus on the details of their application. Data Foundations  integrates web services functionality, security, and standardized create, read, update and delete features directly to the database. It is in a new category of Lean Middleware. Called lean because it uses very little system resources; it is low maintenance and easy to implement.

Data Foundations can link to your database to make it act like a web service and a database in one. This saves enormous time in programing.