In-House vs. Custom: Two Ways to Use Data Foundations

You can use Data Foundations in-house in your IT department to save effort and become more efficient. You can also have Conceive-IT develop an entirely new project or have Conceive-IT modify a template such as Private RFP to meet your specific needs.

In-house: Enterprise License

Have Conceive-IT assess your needs, set up your IT department to use Data Foundations, train your developers and guide them if necessary. For this solution we offer the Data Foundations Developer License. In some cases we also consult on solutions. more

Custom: Tailored Solutions

Not all solutions are going to fit your company. Sometimes you are going to need a tailored program. When it comes to Enterprise Information Integration, each company has its own software packages it needs to pull information from. Each company is going to have its own priorities for monitoring including Sarbanes Oxley, supply chain performance or quality. Each company has its own preferences for the best scoreboards. Conceive-IT develop a solution for you using Data Foundations. Our tailored solutions can be entirely new projects or modifications of our existing templates.