What do clients think of Conceive-IT?

“Conceive wants to do the very best they can for you. They match up very well with Visteon because Visteon has a very high standard of expectations and Conceive has never disappointed us.” – Lynn DiNard, Senior Manager, Global Quality Office, Visteon Corp, Michigan

WordsSmall“I’d strongly recommend Conceive to both small and large groups. All the solutions we’ve developed with them have all turned out to be really robust solutions. It’s not haphazard or partially complete. They’ve always been robust and stand-alone and required very small amounts of maintenance.”  – Paul Wingar, Manager Global Customer Metrics, Visteon Corp. Michigan

“As far as recommendations go, I have to say I would unequivocally recommend Conceive-IT to anyone who’s looking to start a new project or enhance a current project. Whether that project is large or small I think Conceive-IT is the right partner and can bring the resources you need. “ – George Willard Jr., Sr. VP Operations, Ranger Data Technologies, Michigan

What makes Conceive-IT different?

“Conceive doesn’t just take you to a certain point and say,’ OK I answered their question.’  They go beyond that. They don’t wait for you to ask the question; they’ve already answered the question and delivered on the process.” -Lynn DiNard, Senior Mgr, Global Quality Office, Visteon Corp. Michigan

“We’re looking for someone who is going to evolve with us and evolve with the project. No question Conceive-IT has done that and is the right partner. Some of our future ideas have come from Conceive-IT’s employees. Some ideas that frankly we had not even thought of in- house and are going to make our product much better.” - George Willard Jr. Sr. VP Operations, Ranger Data Technologies, Michigan.

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